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Whatever your skin care needs may be, Clinical Resolution Laboratory is interested in hearing from you. We sell our products to resellers/suppliers, wholesale distributors, product consultants, professional associations, and independent dealers.

If you are an individual consumer, we suggest that you acquire professional consultation before purchasing or using any cosmeceutical product. Contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our highly qualified clinicians.

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To purchase the medical grade MTS Rollers

We sell Medical Grade MTS Roller to all certified/licensed skin care professional therapists.
We also sell product to establishments/individuals who are engaged in the business of distributing cosmeceutical/nutraceutical products to consumers, spas, and skin care professionals (some restrictions may apply).

Professional Doctors and Skincare Specialists:

Contact us to obtain the “PRO PACK" Dealer Application. After you get the application, you must complete the form and FAX it back to our Los Angeles office (Fax Number: 213-365-0053) or e-mail a PDF file of the completed documents to your local sales representative.
There are THREE forms in the packet: Certificate of Professional Clinical Status,” “Waiver of Liability,” and Order Form - (ID/ Pass Required: call us for your ID). If you have any questions regarding the application, please feel free to call us or your local sales representative.

Dealers/ Representatives
Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc. is looking for dealer/representative arrangements for international markets. All interested parties should contact us for full details.

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