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April 2007 – Los Angeles, CA – The word is out… skin care is hot. Not only are American women flocking to dermatologists in greater numbers, even men (and younger adults) are seeking more and more advanced ways of keeping off the years and keeping up appearances. As far as investment opportunities go, you have never seen such an exceptional growth opportunity in a marketplace as unique as this.

Clinical Resolution Laboratory (CRL) has been engaged in the business of designing, producing and distributing skin care products and cosmeceuticals since 2003. That’s all well and good, but the company has also recently unveiled MTS Roller™ – a patented non-surgical skin care tool that makes possible a revolutionary procedure that has dermatologists, surgeons, and other licensed/certified skin care professionals buzzing with joy.

The procedure – widely known as ‘mesotherapy’ – is extremely popular in Korea, Japan, China, and parts of Europe. The procedure was practically non-existent in the U.S. prior to 2004. Thanks to considerable international clinical study and discussion for the past five years, mesotherapy grew to about 5,000 procedures in 2005 and a phenomenal 30,000 procedures in 2006. If you consider also that there was more than 11.4 million total skin care procedures performed last year, you must conclude that the road ahead for MTS Roller™ is as exciting as investment opportunities ever get.

Physicians who have seen MTS Roller are convinced that it is truly a transformational innovation – an ideal tool with uncanny timing.


March 2007 – Los Angeles, CA – Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc. announced today the pre-market launch of MTS Roller – – a patented non-surgical skin care tool that makes possible a revolutionary procedure for dermatologists, surgeons, and other licensed/certified skin care professionals.

The company just completed 12 months of privately funded research and development on MTS Roller™.  The company has already earned glowing praises from dermatologists and surgeons who recognize it for its superior clinical quality and precision. Moreover, the company is receiving applause because the timing for this product launch couldn’t be more auspicious.

Clinical Resolution Laboratory, Inc. (CRL) is already a company with good market footing in the ever-expanding skin care markets of Asia. Although the corporation was formed in 2006, the company has been a leading high-end designer and packager of skin care products and cosmeceuticals for Asian markets since 2003 and has helped launch a dozen private label brands.

At present, the company is maintaining steady revenues from core operations and anticipates 2007 revenues in excess of $20M. 


February 2007 – Los Angles, CA – Professional skin care services and clinical skin care products are one of the few bright spots in the beauty industry – one that illuminates a path to an exceptional growth opportunity in a unique marketplace.

Here are the facts: in 2004, sales jumped by 11.1% while overall cosmetics and toiletries market has been stagnating with single-digit sales growth[1]. Consumer demand for professional skin care continues to grow; the current estimated value of the global market for professional skin care products and clinical products is now estimated at over $5 billion; Europe and the United States represent the regions with the greatest growth potential.

Clinical Resolution Laboratory’s own experience in South Korea offers insight into what may be a global shift toward mesotherapy skin treatments and away from expensive machine-based procedures and risky and highly invasive ablative procedures. Five years ago, there was little research and few practitioners interested in offering mesotherapy to their patients. Today, based upon sales figures from the company’s Korean marketing partner CRA (Clinical Resolution Asia), mesotherapy procedures outnumber all other procedures by a ratio of 5 to 1. Sales in South Korea of CRL serums and MTS Roller doubled in the first quarter of 2007.

Many factors, ranging from the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures to heightened media blitz, have culminated to propel this market and are driving growth in U.S. and European markets. Moreover, skin care treatment is becoming increasingly more high tech with new and more expensive equipment being introduced every year. However, at the same time there is growing popularity in natural treatments and products – especially among skin care practitioners who face ever higher cost of acquisition and maintenance for the new equipment. Thus, interest is growing for treatment modalities that have perceived high value with low cost. Such is the case with MTS Roller™.


January 2007 – Los Angeles, CA – When discussing the current condition of the professional skin care market, we have become fond of saying “Shift Happens.”

While the increasing interest in mesotherapy could be considered reactive (to high cost of other therapies) we believe that it is responsive to well-known problems associated with popular ablative procedures like chemical peel, dermabrasion, and laser resurfacing. Not only are these procedures expensive for the patient, they also require long recuperation periods of 7 days (minimum) to more than a month.

The reason that MTS Roller™ has such a bright future is that the procedure has been clinically proven to be as effective as the other popular procedures, requires little or no recuperation time, and costs 10 to 50% less (per procedure) than the other named procedures.

Since innovation is more and more the price of entry in this marketplace, the lines between prestige and mass brands have become more and more blurred. Baby Boomers are still the core consumer market but there is great potential in more targeted areas such as younger audiences, men, and ethnic skin care. Also, consumer expenditures on skin care products and services represent more than 60% of total consumer expenditures for personal care with most market studies showing high growth potential for skin care services overall.

Most market watchers have concluded that converging factors like self-health trends, aging, and longevity favor long-term and high annual percentage growth for this sector. While demand for more well-known ablative skincare is expected to diminish by 3% annually over the next five years, non-ablative type treatments, such as what is provided by ‘rolling,’ is expected to grow by 10% per year for the foreseeable future.

Overall worldwide demand for cosmeceuticals has driven company growth by 20-30% for the last several years.

Clinical Resolution expects growth to increase as MTS Roller™ makes its debut during a major transition from ablative to non-ablative treatment methods. Currently, the competition is distributing about 100,000 units per year to end-user consumers, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other skincare professionals worldwide. Various sources close to our competitors confirm that demand among practitioners for rollers has grown significantly in the last two years.

[1] Professional Skin Care Market Study, 2004 Edition, Kline & Company, Inc.

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